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Webroot Antivirus – Removes the Viruses and Malware from the root

The early days

The Webroot Antivirus is the software developed and maintained by the Webroot Software Company. Founded in 1991 by an American Entrepreneur Steven Thomas. At first, the company was famous for its unique privacy tool the Webroot Window Washer which took care of the user’s privacy by permanently deleting all traces of browsing history on a computer running Windows software. Gradually, they started developing more tools for the safety and security of the customers like Antivirus and Anti malware software.

Webroot Antivirus/Anti malware Tools

VIRUS is the short form for Vital Information Resources under Siege. As the full form suggests, the Viruses are the computerized programs created to either do harm to the computer’s hardware & software or else to hack the user’s personal and valuable information.  Whereas a Malware is a program created for the sole purpose of doing harm to a device, network or even a server. To stop these from entering the computer (or any device), the Webroot has created the dedicated antivirus/antimalware tool. These successfully detect and delete the threatful files and also protect the device from getting infected again.

Webroot Antivirus Support For Home & Business

The personal and business cybersecurity requirements are always different. At Webroot, they always know the difference between the two and have created the separate tools for both the home as well as business use. The business is always having the trouble of being attacked more because of the reasons known. But the personal security is just as important. The tools are programmed specifically for the business to save themselves from the latest cyber-attacks which use endpoints, networks, malware and so on. In a similar manner, the tools for the home are specifically created for the personal use and to save the valuable personal information.

Webroot Antivirus Installation Guide

The Webroot software company has Antivirus and Internet Security tools. The software can be downloaded from their website and the license should be bought eventually. The total installation procedure is very simple.

The following steps will help the basic installation procedures of the free version.

  1. First, make sure to meet the system requirements.
  2. Keep the license number handy for entering after the installation process.
  3. The license number will be sent either through an email address or can be found on the retail box.If the software is shared up to a number of devices, the same license number can be used across all the devices.
  4. Now, use this Official Website to search for your software and download it.
  5. Once the file is downloaded, locate the file.
  6. Now open the file and run it.
  7. Once the window is open, enter the activation code when prompted.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the setup process is complete.
  9. If asked for an email address, enter it.
  10. When you are done, click on Agree and Install.
  11. Now the software is installed on the computer and is ready to protect you from any cyber-attacks.

Webroot Antivirus Support Customer Service :

  • Webroot Installation technical Error Support
  • My Account Error Support
  • Register My Software
  • Upgrade/Renew Webroot antivirus Support
  • Webroot Keycode Activation Help
  • Webroot Redownload Product support
  • Webroot Installation/uninstallation Help

Webroot antivirus Support provide best customers service for Webroot installation and any technical Error Such as Webroot Critical Error Occurred Failed to find required file. Webroot Customer support Service number 1-877-929-3373 Online Services available for Webroot Users 24*7 Our Technician instant help you.


Webroot Antivirus tech Support Number

Installation Q&A

FAQ 1: How to use the single license across different devices?

Answer: First during buying the software, you should buy it for some number of devices for a specified duration. The single license key is to be used while installing the software across all the devices. In short, when you install the software in all the devices enter the same license key during the installation process.

FAQ 2: Is the antivirus software available for Mac/iOS or Android?

Answer: Yes, the Webroot software tools are available across all operating systems including Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android.

FAQ 3: Is there an option to download the trial version? If so, How to download the trial version of business and home tools by Webroot?

Answer: Yes, the users can download a trial version to check the features of Webroot software tools. Use Webroot Antivirus official Site to download trial versions.