Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

Norton was first founded in the 1980s by a Peter Norton. Norton had many utility programs in its early years and not much security tools. Norton Utility was the one of a kind utility program which had grown into popularity with its wonderful feature “UNERASE”, which retrieved erased files.

The 1990s:

In 1990, Symantec acquired Norton. Under Symantec, Norton grew manifold. In 1991, Norton’s first antivirus software was released and took the industry by storm. With its ability to adapt to the developments in both threat level and technology level, Norton still remains as one of the pioneers in the Cyber Security arena.

The 2000s – Present:

The Norton now offers a wide range of products specific for Windows, MacOS and even smartphone devices. They also offer Wi-Fi Protection. Their Family Premier package offers a cloud-based tool, which allows the parents to have parental control over the other devices. Norton doesn’t stop with just the individual packages, it also extends its services to the business based individuals with its Norton Small Business package.

With its wide range of product line and adaptable feature with routine updates, Norton has become a customer-oriented software company with good reviews and appreciations from its customers.

 Norton Antivirus Installation Guide

The Norton Antivirus software is easy to download and install. They have Norton Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium packages. From their website, you can learn more about the packages and choose the best one for your requirements.


The following steps will help the basic installation procedures.

  1. In order to install the Norton software, you should subscribe to one of the packages.
  2. First, sign in to the Norton account by using this link.
  3. Enter the Email address and password for Norton and click on Sign in button.
  4. Alternatively, if you are new and do not have an account, Click on Create account and follow the procedures.
  5. Now sign in using that account.
  6. Now the Norton Setup window will appear.
  7. In this window, you can see the Download Norton option. Click on it.
  8. In the meantime, keep the activation key ready.
  9. You can find it on the CD cover you bought or in the email if subscribed through online subscription.
  10. Click on Enter a new product key to continue.
  11. Type the Product key and click on ‘>’.
  12. Click Agree and Download.
  13. The software will be now downloaded on to the computer.
  14. Open the software and click on Run when prompted.
  15. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  16. The Norton anti-virus software is now downloaded and installed.

Norton Antivirus Customer Support Service :

Norton antivirus tech support numberInstallation Q&A

FAQ 1: How to choose the best package?

Answer: By analyzing the various packages available on the Norton website and detecting the one according to your requirements, you can choose the best package of your choice.

FAQ 2: How to use the Free trial option?

Answer: There is an option to download a Free trial version of the software you intend to buy in the future. In this Norton Official Website, you can find the software available for free trial. The free trial duration is for 30 days.


FAQ 3: What is Norton Wi-Fi Protection?

Answer: The Norton Wi-Fi Protection allows the user to securely use the Public Wi-Fi without any worries of hacking, phishing or prying eyes. The Norton security encrypts the passwords and other sensitive information on the device thereby saving the device from any sort of cyber attack.

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