Avira Antivirus Tech support number

AVIRA Antivirus Technical Support  |  1877-929-3373

Avira Antivirus is a free anti-malware, anti-Ransomware and anti-virus program for Windows and Mac OS .Avira is a light internet security software program that is easy to install and Update for User .The Avira Antivirus Program Protect your PC from these things such as spyware, threads, worms, Trojans and Viruses also Protect Spam Website .


AVIRA Support Number | 1 (877) 929 3373 Dial AVIRA Antivirus Toll-free Number for Technical Support Issue such as

Installation support

Spam Email support

Update and Activate AVIRA Antivirus

Remove Trojans spyware from the computer

AVIRA AntiVirus or Internet Security download, install, and activate check your Key

If you are unable to install Avira antivirus you need technical help. We have a team of dedicated Expert and well-experienced professionals to help you with such issues and other issues related to the antivirus. There are so many reasons when Avira antivirus software users encounter issues with Avira installation.

How to Install Avira Antivirus or Internet Security 

  • After downloading Avira Antivirus .
  • Run the file you downloaded, and click Accept and Install .
  • Once dialog box open in Windows, confirm that you intended to run(Permission to Allow To Run the PC) this software by clicking Yes .
  • Avira will prepare the installation .
  • After the window installation disappears, you will see the following screen which will show you the progress of your Avira installation .
  • After a few minutes you will be notified that the installation was successfully completed and you can run Avira on your computer .
    Click on Start button to Avira Antivirus .
  • It might have been a usually temporary malfunction, but when I clicked the button above, the antivirus didn’t run so I had to click the Avira icon in the task-bar and click the Antivirus icon in the menu that opened up.
  • On the first run, there will be a quick update/scan process which will run for a minute or two, and prepare Avira for use .
  • Once the process above is finished, repeat step 7 and the control panel of Avira will open, ready for use you’re now done and Avira is installed.

Our Avira antivirus provides you support with:
• Activate, upgrade & update security software Avira antivirus.
• Fix the detected threats through Avira antivirus.
• Avira AVG error.
• Diagnose & determine Avira antivirus error to resolve them
• Setting up Avira Antivirus product
• Decode any issue in the Avira antivirus installation process
• Avira Scanning of your PC

Activate Avira Antivirus Software program :

Step 1: Buy the Avira antivirus from a retail shop or alternatively, you can also buy it online through its website.

Step 2: In order to buy the software online, go the website avira.com and register using an email address.

Step 3: Now choose the product you need and checkout and pay using the various payment methods.

Step 4: After the payment, you will receive the copy of the invoice and the activation key for the product to the registered email address.

Step 5: Now download the software from the Avira Official Website. They have the antivirus software for both Windows and MacOS. So download the respective one.

Step 6: Double click on the downloaded file and wait for its window to open.

Step 7: Select the language as English (default) and click next.

Step 8: In the next window, choose the recommended settings for the installation type and click next.

Step 9: In this window, check the checkbox which asks for the web protection, if you do not need the live web protection you can uncheck the checkbox. Then click on the next button.

Step 10: The installation will begin now. Wait till it is complete and then click on the Finish button.

Step 11: The Avira antivirus will be launched after the installation.

Step 12: You can edit the various features and customize them according to your requirements.

Step 13: On the upper right corner of the Avira Antivirus window, you can find a ‘?’ icon. Click on it.

Step 14: Now click on License Management.

Step 15: Enter the activation key in the text fields and press the next button.

Step 16: Now the Avira antivirus is installed and activated.

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