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Avira Antivirus is a free anti-malware, anti-Ransomware and anti-virus program for Windows and Mac OS .Avira is a light internet security software program that is easy to install and Update for User .The Avira Antivirus Program Protect your PC from these things such as spyware, threads, worms, Trojans and Viruses also Protect Spam Website .


AVIRA Support Number | 1 (877) 929 3373 Dial AVIRA Antivirus Toll-free Number for Technical Support Issue such as

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Update and Activate AVIRA Antivirus

Remove Trojans spyware from the computer

Troubleshoot issues in updating Avira antivirus

Avira Antivirus is the product of Avira Company – a Germany based company. They specialize in producing the cybersecurity products for both home and office use. The best feature of the Avira is the use of Cloud system to routinely check for latest definition updates as well as the scan for latest threats in all the users to create definitions for them.

The Avira antivirus is one of the few which offers VPN protection too in the free version. However, some of the free users might encounter the trouble of updating the Avira antivirus. This issue is because the Avira fast servers are enabled only for the premium users who used paid Avira pro version and the users with free version experience the issue of slow updating or errors while updating it. Some of the causes of this issue and their solutions are listed below.

Issue #1: Another Antivirus software in the System

If there is another antivirus software installed on the system other than the Avira antivirus, then it will block the features of the Avira antivirus software and hinder its updating process.


Solution: Disable this software by uninstalling it from Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs and click on the Uninstall button next to this other antivirus program.

Issue #2: An active Proxy server in your computer browser

If you are using Internet Explorer and the proxy server is on then the update will be hindered because of this. A proxy server acts as a medium between the client and the other servers from which the clients seek resources. When it is on, the update which happens through the Avira server will have to go through this proxy server, thereby causing some compromises in the process.


Solution: To deactivate the Proxy settings, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Internet Explorer and Under the Internet Options, choose LAN Settings.
  2. Under the proxy server make sure that it is unchecked and click on Save Settings option and close the window.
  3. Now try, updating the software again and now it will work.


Issue #3: Cache build up

Sometimes because of a lot of caches build up by a software, it might work unexpectedly and doesn’t work properly.


Solution: For clearing this Cache build up, you can uninstall the software and reinstall it on the computer using the same procedure. Now since the software is installed new, there will not be any caches in the memory. So the update will happen clearly.


Issue #4: Automatic Updating is not happening

Due to reasons unknown, the automatic update will not happen, in such an occasion a manual update will reset the update and restart it.

Solution: To manually start updating, check out the following steps.

  1. To download the updates manually, you will need an application called as Avira Fuse bundle Generator which can be downloaded from their website.
  2. Run the downloaded file.
  3. After successful installation, open it and select Manual Update.
  4. Load all the Virus Definition Files (VDFs) you need to update and click on Install button.
  5. Wait until it is downloaded and then restart the computer.
  6. This will make sure that the update is complete.

These are some common issues and their solutions when the Avira antivirus is not able to update on its own. Some of the users had found that temporarily disabling the Web browser protection also installs the update properly. Try this one also if the updates are not done.

Activate Avira Antivirus Software program :

Step 1: Buy the Avira antivirus from a retail shop or alternatively, you can also buy it online through its website.

Step 2: In order to buy the software online, go the website avira.com and register using an email address.

Step 3: Now choose the product you need and checkout and pay using the various payment methods.

Step 4: After the payment, you will receive the copy of the invoice and the activation key for the product to the registered email address.

Step 5: Now download the software from the Avira Official Website. They have the antivirus software for both Windows and MacOS. So download the respective one.

Step 6: Double click on the downloaded file and wait for its window to open.

Step 7: Select the language as English (default) and click next.

Step 8: In the next window, choose the recommended settings for the installation type and click next.

Step 9: In this window, check the checkbox which asks for the web protection, if you do not need the live web protection you can uncheck the checkbox. Then click on the next button.

Step 10: The installation will begin now. Wait till it is complete and then click on the Finish button.

Step 11: The Avira antivirus will be launched after the installation.

Step 12: You can edit the various features and customize them according to your requirements.

Step 13: On the upper right corner of the Avira Antivirus window, you can find a ‘?’ icon. Click on it.

Step 14: Now click on License Management.

Step 15: Enter the activation key in the text fields and press the next button.

Step 16: Now the Avira antivirus is installed and activated.

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