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The absolute one stop solution for all your problems related to the use of WEBROOT Antivirus

The WEBROOT Antivirus is the first choice of most computer users who are looking for a fool proof security program to protect their computer software against various viruses and threats. For users looking for Antivirus help and support forum they could always contact the WEBROOT Antivirus technical support number or simply dial 1-800-986-4520 to find immediate solutions for the problems they are encountering regarding the use of the WEBROOT Antivirus. The WEBROOT Antivirus technical support number is open 24 hours a day and customers can easily get help anytime they want. For those users who might want to counter the problems with the WEBROOT Antivirus themselves they can use the following instructions to properly address the issue.4210 Access the corrupted WEBROOT files with just a few simple steps
  • Before you start it is always crucial to close all the documents that are in use. Save the data and information on the files to access them later. Close any programs that might be running in the background.
  • Next download the WEBROOT Reset Access Tool from the internet.
  • Close all the rest of the programs on the computer.
  • Once the files are downloaded click on the Run button on the dialogue box.
  • Now accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement.
  • Click on the continue option to allow the Reset Access tools to fix the problem.
  • Once the process is completed restart your computer to apply the changes.
The previous version of WEBROOT cannot be removed? This issue often troubles users when they are looking to download an updated version or the delete the old WEBROOT Antivirus software. For beginners who don’t have much experience regarding the basics of installation and downloading it is always advisable to refer to the WEBROOT Antivirus tech support number. How to use WEBROOT remover to delete old versions of the Antivirus? For the purpose of removing the parts or complete WEBROOT files before downloading the updated version follow the steps given below. Make sure to carefully read the instructions before attempting to remove the files.
  • Start by downloading the WEBROOT remover tool from the website or contact the WEBROOT Antivirus tech support number to get instant access.
  • Once the download is complete click on the Run option. Then choose Continue to agree to the WEBROOT license terms
  • The WEBROOT remover will now scan all the WEBROOT products that are installed on your computer.
  • The users can then choose the files they would like to remove.
  • Once the process is completed click on the Restart button to apply the recent changes.
  • If the programs are not removed try restarting the computer a couple of times to complete the full file removal process.
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